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Frequently Asked Questions

The IOS (Internet of Services) is a next-generation blockchain technology that provides the network infrastructure to support a service-oriented ecosystem. IOS Token is IOST. The IOS platform not only provides its users a completely decentralized way to exchange online services and digital goods, but also enables developers to deploy large scale dApps with the ability to support massive number of users.

In short, IOST is a scaling solution we proposed to resolve the scalability issues faced by the greater blockchain community. Our aim is to make decentralized services with large transaction volume possible.

For the technical details, please refer to our white paper draft here.

For more information about the IOS project, you can visit the following sources:

Official Website:
The Internet of Service Foundation, a Singapore incorporated non-for-profit organization, is currently developing the IOS blockchain and relevant technologies. The foundation is formed by a group of blockchain experts, distributed system scientists, world-class programmers and tech enthusiasts, aiming to make business-grade decentralized services possible on the blockchain (we only revealed part of our team members due to the respect for their privacy).
We have finished deploying our private test net (v0.1 Apollo) and are currently working on the development of our public test net, which we aim to release toward the end of Q2 2018. We are also aiming to launch the main net no later than Q1 2019(multiple months ahead of our original schedule). We will keep you updated via our official social media accounts.

For the roadmap of our project, please refer to our primer here.
Yes, the Internet of Services will be an open source project. As tech enthusiasts ourselves, the IOS team deeply believe in the power of open source software. We know that open source is the key to innovation, therefore we want to invite all of you to join our community and help blockchain technology deliver on its incredible potential.

Currently, we are developing the IOS architecture in a private repository. As soon as the early stage architecture development complete, we will release source code of the IOS blockchain under open source licenses.
The easiest way to support us is by following our social media accounts (posted above).

If you are you a programmer, crypto-expert or in a relevant field, we are always looking for more talent. If interested, please contact with all relevant information.

if you are interested in helping us grow our community, please send an email to
The IOS team will soon host a series of offline meetups/information sessions for our community members and supporters to participate. Details of those events will be released soon. Stay tuned for updates. Additionally, we are currently setting up a main operation office in the greater Bay area. Before our Silicon Valley/SF office is setup properly, our team members will work remotely from New York, Boston, Beijing and San Francisco. If you are interested in meeting with our team members in person, please send an email to us via